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  • The First International Joint Cooperative Master's Education Program in WMU Won the Approval from the Ministry of Education.
  • Recently, out came the announcement of the approval list of the international joint cooperative education project in the first half year in 2018 from the Ministry of Education, among which the international joint cooperative postgraduate education program in nursing, jointly organized by WMU and Burapha University of Thailand, was enlisted and usher in a new era of the postgraduate education program.

    The nursing program will follow the “2+0” training mode, enrolling 30 students each year. Furthermore, it is jointly determined by WMU and Burapha University of Thailand to develop teaching plans, and students with bachelor’s degree or above will be independently recruited. Eventually, those who have completed all the training programs and met the degree-granting conditions, can obtain the master's degree in nursing from the Burapha University of Thailand.

    It has been reported that there are 22 approved education programs in total for international cooperation, and 3 programs from Zhejiang Province have stood out. Meanwhile, this project symbolized a striking breakthrough subsequent to the previous nursing program targeted at undergraduate in cooperation with Thomas University starting from 2010. For the first time ever, it marks the cornerstone of spreading the tentacles of international joint cooperative education programs to undergraduate, master and doctoral degrees in WMU, which will certainly exert a positive influence in improving internationalization, encouraging the construction of “double first-class” as well as boosting the vitality of management in WMU.

    Enjoying the reputation for the top-ten nursing major in Asia, Burapha University of Thailand is dedicated to education from undergraduate to doctoral degree, worth mentioning, whose international nursing programs for postgraduates have been certified by the American Nurses Association.