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  • WMU’s two volunteer projects win Gold Award in Zhejiang Volunteer Service Competition
  • On June 22nd, the final of 2018 Zhejiang Volunteer Service Project Competition was held in Hangzhou. Among 120 finalists, 11 projects were honored with Gold Award and 19 ones, Silver Award, after a few rounds of evaluation including document review, challenge and defense, and road show. At the recommendation of Wenzhou Medical University (WMU), “Escorting Children of the Stars”, a volunteer service project in support of families with autistic children, and “Medical Belt & Road”, a medical public welfare service project, have been given Gold Award with a total score ranking the fifth and the sixth respectively in the final. In addition, “Thumb Project”, another volunteer service project sponsored by WMU, was also shortlisted for the award.

    Receiving the awards on behalf of WMU (the sixth and the seventh from the left )

    “Escorting Children of the Stars”, the volunteer service project in support of families with autistic children, initiated by the Xinghai Charity Center of the First School of Clinical Medical Sciences/ School of Information and Engineering at WMU, aims to establish a one-stop service platform for charity featuring “Course Training for Parents + Medical Special Service”. Based on the unique business philosophy of “getting everyone involved to promote the formation of an inclusive society”, the Project proposes “COMMON•Integration Public Welfare Model” to empower parents with a multiple of skills to consolidate the effects of child intervention and guide family members to better take care of children with autism to improve the life of autistic children and their families. As of the beginning of 2018, in 10 provinces and autonomous regions including Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Shandong, Inner Mongolia and Guizhou, the Project has provided 28,000 hours of service to 176 autistic families and 263 children with autism, and has carried out 217 public promotional activities outreaching a total of 410,000 people .

    In the backdrop of the “Belt & Road” Strategy, “Medical Belt & Road”, the medical public welfare service project recommended by School of International Studies, takes advantage of the rich human resources of WMU including its Chinese and foreign students, affiliated hospitals’ medical staff and alumni to carry out targeted prevention and health care lectures, medical skills training and professional medical assistance service in the third world countries or poverty-stricken regions along the “Belt and Road” to enhance local residents’ health awareness. BISHNU GAUTAM, then a foreign student at WMU, launched the Project in 2015. After three years, the number of the organization’s volunteers has grown from 26 to 1,328. Volunteers from 24 countries along the “Belt and Road” have conducted a total of 72 medical science lectures and 13 free clinics, benefiting more than 5,600 people in 15223 hours of service.

    Jointly sponsored by the Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, the General Office of Zhejiang Volunteer Service Working Committee, and the Zhejiang Volunteers Association, is the highest level and most extensive volunteer service contest in Zhejiang Province. Volunteer service projects in eight different areas including helping the disabled, care action, neighborhood watch and service for the aged, environmental protection and water conservation, cultural advocacy and network civilization participated in the Competition. Reportedly, some Gold Award-winning projects last year and this year’s gold award winners will participate in the final of the Fourth China Youth Volunteer Service Competition on behalf of Zhejiang Province.