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  • Prof. Lu from WMU Saved Passenger’s live On the Plane
  • At 9 pm, June 9th, on the Air China CA1539 flight from Beijing to Wenzhou, Mr. Pan suffered respiratory and cardiac arrest and was in urgent need of assistance. Prof. Lu Zhongqiu and his colleagues Dr. Zhao Hongqin and Dr. Yan Xiaojian from Wenzhou Medical University rushed to rescue the patient after hearing the broadcast. After several minutes, Mr. Pan gradually recovered conscious and the symptoms were relieved. For safety reasons, the flight returned to Beijing under the advice of the medical staff.

                                  Prof. Lu immediately performed cardiac resuscitation to Mr. Pan.

    Mr. Pan, who was still a little scared from the shock, was very grateful to this rescue: "I am so luck this time to be saved by Prof. Lu at an altitude of 10,000 meters”. The rescue story caused broad social influence and received the praise from the general public. It was reported by media coverage at all levels including Zhejiang Daily, Zhejiang news client, Wenzhou Daily, Wenzhou City, Wenzhou Evening news, Wenzhou radio and etc.

    Prof. Lu's rescue story was published on the front page pf Zhejiang Daily on June.11th, 2018