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  • Nature “Spotlight on Zhejiang” special issue reported WMU’s strong vision for progress
  • Recently, Nature main journal published “Spotlight on Zhejiang” special issue, emphasizing that Zhejiang is taking a prominent role on the international stage in the global race for high-tech excellence. The special issue highlights WMU’s history, extensive resources, and academic strengths. The special issue only covered Zhejiang University (ZJU), Wenzhou Medical University(WMU) and Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering (CNITECH) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

    It is reported thatduring the past hundred of years history, Wenzhou Medical University(WMU) sticks to setting up the school with characteristics, strengthening the school by talents, and rejuvenating the school by culture.It is boosting its multidisciplinary academic programmes by capitalizing on its core medical disciplines; increasing international collaboration to promote its global profile; and integrating medical services with education, research and industrial partnerships to contribute to local socioeconomic development. Over the years, WMU has fostered a great many of talented medical professionals among which distinguished alumni including the inventor of logarithmic visual acuity charts, Miao Tianrong, abdominal surgery expert, Qian Li,paediatric expert, Huang Dashu, anatomist, Wang Weisong, and renowned virologist and molecular biologist, Zhou Jian, who co-invented the first vaccine for recombinant human papillomavirus, which causes cervical cancer.

    President Li Xiaokun (in the middle) delivered a message.

    In recent years, WMU is committed to promote the translational medicine to contribute to the healthcare industries of the region. WMU’s comprehensive capacity and international influence increased a lot and is renowned for its clinical medicine, pharmacy programmes and medical laboratory science, particularly, ophthalmology and optometry research.WMU was profiled in the Nature Index 2016 Rising Stars and is ranked 29th in life sciences among Chinese academic institutions according to the latest Nature Index data.  According to Essential Science Indicators data, its clinical medicine programme is ranked no. 77 among domestic higher education institutes; chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, biology and biochemistry are ranked among the global top 1%.

    “We aspire to be a first-class university of applied research in China, with global influence,” said Li Xiaokun, the president of WMU. Based in the city marked as the frontline of China’s economic reform, the university is actively engaged in exploring a new model of medical education for independent medical universities, and aspires to become a leader that spearheads the development of biomedicine in China’s southeastern coast areas.

    It is noted that Nature Spotlight special issue is a platform that displays the cityand a certain area of scientific research and the development of high-tech industry, showing the city image, scientific research results and the latest scientific research development in related fields to global scientific research workers and high-tech industrial workers.

    Its paper and online editions published simultaneously on,, and Nature China. com.