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  • WMU Sends TCM Experts to Thailand to Train Thai TCM Practitioners for Excellence for Three Consecutive Years
  • On May 25, the 2018 Training Program for Zhuoyue (literally, Excellent) Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioners in Thailand, co-sponsored by the Administration Committee on TCM Practice under Thailand’s Ministry of Health, the Confucius Institute at Burapha University (CIBU) , Chinese Medicine Society in Thailand, and Wenzhou Medical University (WMU), was launched at the Thai Ministry of Health. Two TCM experts from the First Affiliated Hospital of WMU are sent to provide training in Thailand. It is reportedly the third consecutive year that WMU has sent TCM experts to Thailand to train Thai TCM practitioners for excellence.

    In recent years, the pace of going global for TCM along with the implementation of  the “One Belt and One Road” strategy has continued to accelerate. In October 2017, About 1000 experts and guests from more than 30 countries and regions attended the 14th World Congress of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the “Belt and Road” Chinese Medicine Culture Week took place in Bangkok, Thailand. China’s cooperation with countries along Belt and Road in the aspect of traditional Chinese medicine is ushering in greater openness, exchanges, and integration at a greater scope, and at a higher and deeper level.

    In Thailand, TCM has become an important alternative to treating diseases and providing health care for the local people. Currently, 9 universities in Thailand that offer TCM programs. At least one hundred people become TCM practitioners each year. These young TCM practitioners newly graduated from colleges and universities are in bad need of clinical diagnosis and treatment skills when faced with complex diseases. The Thailand Training Center for Excellent TCM Practitioners established by CIBU, the Chinese Medicine Society in Thailand and WMU has become an important platform for on-the-job training of Thai TCM practitioners. In the next week, chief physicians Ye Renhe and Xie Wenxia from the TCM Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of WMU are going to provide over 50 TCM practitioners from all over Thailand with theoretical and practical training in TCM diagnostic experience of common diseases of internal medicine, the clinical experience of applying classical prescriptions, the clinical application of abdominal needles in acupuncture, the application of tender points in the treatment of neck and back pain, and the stage therapeutics of stroke.

    Since 2016, WMU has reportedly sent 6 TCM experts to Thailand to provide  training for more than 200 local TCM practitioners with courses on TCM gynecology, acupuncture and moxibustion, Zang-fu syndrome differentiation, spleen and stomach and cervical spondylosis. In addition to sending experts to provide training in Thailand, WMU has worked with CIBU and the Chinese Medicine Society in Thailand to improve clinical skills of Thai TCM practitioners to allow local people  to better experience the efficacy of Chinese medicine by programs including “TCM Healthcare Tour in Thailand”, “TCM Culture Classroom” and “Training Thai TCM Practitioners in China”.