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  • Discipline of Biology & Biochemistry Ranks Top 1% in the World ESI ——WMU Climbs in Overall Ranking Nationwide-Again
  • According to the latest data released by the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) database in May 2018, the discipline of biology and biochemistry of Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) has been newly selected into the top 1% of ESI global rankings while rankings of WMU’s disciplines of , clinical medicine, pharmacology and toxicology, and chemistry have climbed up considerably.   Given the progress, by overall ESI ranking, WMU has reached the 76th nationwide, the first place among Zhejiang provincial universities and colleges for the first time, and the 1262th    worldwide to rank on the world's top 2.26‰.

    WMU has by far 4 disiciplines including clinical medicine, pharmacology & toxicology, chemistry, and biology ranking top 1% in the world ESI. Discipline of clinical medicine improves its ranking by 52 places to the 833rd worldwide, making the top 2‰. Discipline of pharmacology and toxicology improves its ranking by 54 places to the 514th worldwide. Discipline of chemistry improves its ranking by 69 places to the 1053rd worldwide.

    According to statistics of the ESI highly cited papers for the current period, WMU’s 39 papers are selected as ESI highly cited papers including 18 papers published by WMU employees as principal authors. It is worth mentioning that up to 9 ESI highly cited papers written by first authors from WMU were published in 2017. The most cited is the academic paper published by the research team led by Professor Dai Liming in the chemical journal of ACS NANO Journal (IF=13.942) with 2046 citations. Moreover, papers published by research teams under the leadership of Professor Qu Jia, Prof. Tan Yi, Prof. Yu Zhen and other scholars have more than one hundred citations.

    Whether ranking top 1% in the world ESI is an important indicator measuring the global ranking and influence of a discipline. Ranking top 1% in the world ESI is a significant benchmark for being a world-class discipline. The number of disciplines ranking top 1% in the world ESI and the overall ranking of ESI for disciplines are internationally recognized indicators to measure the core competitiveness of a university. For years, WMU has been focusing on the quality of scientific research, implementing relevant guidance policies to promote the in-depth construction of ESI disciplines. No doubt, the concerted efforts of WMU’s faculty and students have so far paid off.