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  • Wang Liangxing and Chen Hao were Selected as 2017 Leading Healthcare Talents of Zhejiang Province
  • Recently, the Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission announced the list of 2017 leading healthcare talents of Zhejiang Province. Wang Liangxing and Chen Hao from our school were selected. Until now, 6 faculty members of Wenzhou Medical University were selected as the leading healthcare talents of Zhejiang Province.

    Wang Liangxing, M.D., professor, chief physician, doctoral tutor, discipline leader of internal medicine, Zhejiang provincial key discipline, and respiratory diseases which is the Zhejiang medical supporting discipline. Professor Wang is a respiratory medicine physician and the one of the first "excellent respiratory doctor" award winners in Zhejiang Province. As chairman of Zhejiang Pulmonary Vascular Disease Association, he did a significant contribution to the popularization, early diagnosis, standardized treatment and prevention of acute pulmonary embolism which was previously considered "rare disease”. Professor Wang’s scientific research results are of great significance for guiding the rational use of antimicrobial drugs in the clinic and preventing the spread and clone of resistant bacteria. He presided over seven national-level projects and several provincial and ministerial-level projects. Professor Wang has published more than 50 SCI papers, and won the first prize of the Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award and the first and second prize of the Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award as the first completed person. He has been selected as a national young and middle-aged expert of outstanding contributions to health and family planning, as well as a young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions in Zhejiang Province. He enjoys special government allowances from the State Council and has been awarded as an outstanding scientific and technological worker in Zhejiang Province. He is also the vice chairman of the Zhejiang Provincial Medical Association Internal Medicine Committee, Medical Respiratory Committee and the Zhejiang Provincial Doctor Association Internal Medicine Committee, Respiratory Committee.

    Chen Hao, M.D., professor, doctoral tutor, is currently the deputy president of Optometry School, Affiliated Optometry Hospital, and Biomedical Engineering School. He led the team in China to establish the first binocular vision specialist and visual rehabilitation center to study new optometry clinical technologies, establish and promote clinical specifications such as rigid oxygen-permeable contact lens (RGP) fitting and low vision rehabilitation. He focuses on key technologies for clinical diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases and transformation research, lead the establishment of a multidisciplinary team of innovations in medical production and research to develop individual refractive refraction techniques based on clinical big data, which significantly improved the clinical treatment effectiveness and got promotion and application extensively. He presided 7 national-level research projects included national key research and development plan, and 4 provincial and ministerial-level major key scientific research projects and has already published 112 papers, 48 of which were first authors or correspondence authors. He edited 2 national planning textbooks and 2 monographs, got 12 authorized invention patents, and obtained 9 transformation of achievements which have CFDA medical device registrations. Professor Chen is the winner of  first prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award, first prize of Zhejiang Medical and Health Science and Technology, first prize of  Wenzhou Science and Technology Progress Award, Zhejiang Youth Science and Technology Award, and he has been selected in talent leaders in science and technology innovation of the “10,000-person plan”, talent leaders in middle-aged and young people in science and technology innovation by the Ministry of Science and Technology, new century’s outstanding talents by the Ministry of Education, and leaders in science and technology innovation of the “10,000-person plan” in Zhejiang Province, etc.

    The provincial leading healthcare talents program aims to select and cultivate outstanding people who got achievements in the fields of medical care, prevention, and traditional Chinese medicine, and who could be able to track the international and domestic medical and health frontiers at the same time, and the people who can become top leaders in the near future. It is the highest talents training program among the “Zhejiang High Level Health Talents Training Project” carry out by Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, and there is totally 12 people on the list in Zhejiang Province.