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  • "King's Doctor" Alumnus Execute a Miraculous Cure Qatar Old gentleman Warmly Donate
  • Recently,our school's education foundation has received a donation of RMB 40,000.The letter on the transfer note says: “Ding Xuechao made the donation on behalf of a friend from Qatar.” Professor Ding Xuechao, who graduated in 1986, is an outstanding alumnus of Wenzhou Medical University(WMU) graduated. Why would he make the donation on behalf of a friend from Qatar? In the afternoon of March 14th, Professor Ding, President of Hangzhou Shanshendao Health Management Consulting Co., Ltd., being a guest speaker of Medical Story Conference told us about the donation and his stories in WMU. Professor Cai Guoping from Yale University,an excellent alumnus of WMU who graduated in 1983 also attended the story conference.

    Professor Ding was admitted to WMU in 1981 and was later admitted to the former National Sports Science Research Institute of China to study for a master’s degree of sports medicine. In the past 30 years, he has served tens of thousands of patients from more than 60 countries around the world, such as Bahrain, Qatar, Canada etc., especially relying on traditional Chinese medicine techniques to treat sports injuries, which won him praise overseas. From 2000 to 2009, he was appointed as a private doctor by Hamad, the king of Bahrain which is a gulf oil country, and became a “King's Doctor”. During the period, he attended many major international conferences with the king and served many heads of state, royal aristocrats, and famous athletes. It is worth mentioning that Michael Jackson, the “king of pop music”, had also sought help from him during his vacation in Bahrain.

    Ding Xuechao (front row left 2) and his classmates wWMU.

    Of the many patients that Professor Ding has cured, there is an old Qatar man in his eighties who has been tortured by prostate cancer. With the help of Ding's excellent skills, the old gentleman miraculously restored his health. And the two became close friends. In recent years, Professor Ding returned to China to establish a company, but he often flew to Qatar to visit this old friend and provide him with some rehabilitation treatment. The old gentleman was very grateful for him. Not long ago, this old gentleman offered Professor Ding transportation fees. He repeatedly resigned, but the old gentleman insisted on doing so. Then Professor Ding proposed donating to his alma mater, WMU, and the old gentleman readily agreed. Therefore, Professor Ding added some money and donated 40,000 yuan to the Alumni Development Foundation. At the simple donation ceremony, he repeatedly stated that the money was donated by his friend, and he only delivered it on behalf of him.

    Ding Xuechao at G7 Summit held by U.S.A  with king of Bahrain

    Ding Xuechao with his friends from Qatar

    Although working in different fields and with various working background, both as the alumni of Wenzhou Medical University, Professor Cai Guoping and Professor Ding Xuechao share the same caring heart on the development of the alma mater. Professor Cai was admitted into WMU in 1978 after high school graduation, and has spent 8 years in Wenzhou Medical University during which he got his bachelor’s degree and completed a postgraduate program of pathophysiology. Now he is a well-known expert in pathology in the United States, especially in the fields of cytopathology and molecular pathology, and he has participated in the formulation of a number of guidelines for national pathological diagnostic criteria of US. During his work at Yale, Professor Cai established a bridge between the Second Affiliated Hospital of WMU and Yale University. He frequently introduced American experts and scholars to WMU for academic exchanges, and recommended excellent doctors to go to American laboratories for further studies, which greatly promoted the subject of pathology in our university and the Pathology Department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of WMU. Not long ago, he was also appointed as a mentor of the “Global Mentoring Program” of the university to provide guidance and assistance for students who are going to be abroad for further study and foreign exchange in terms of study planning and career planning.

    Cai Guoping was also appointed as a mentor of the “Global Mentoring Program” of WMU

    Recalling the time of studying at WMU, the two professors were very impressed. At that time, the living and learning conditions were not as good as they are now. The classmates were in a wide age gap, with the oldest being 30 years old and the youngest only 14 or 15 years old. But there is no difference in everyone's diligence. At that time, the school turned off lights at ten o'clock, but most of the students wouldn’t immediately go to bed. Some of them learned by moonlight from outside of the window, some went to the public toilets to pick up lights, and some found slabs covered with cement used to build houses to pave temporary desks and continued to read under street lamps. The two professors performed very well during their studies. Professor Ding was also the chairman of the Student Union and kept a very good balance between work and study. In addition to the good ambience of study, the great humanistic atmosphere of WMU also left a deep impression on them. “Study medicine can really treat illnesses and save lives. Doctors are full of emotions and warmth at any time. Therefore, WMU always gives me a feeling of a warm home," said Professor Ding.

    Cai Guoping accompanied President Lv Fan to visit Yale University

    At the end of the event, the two professors left a warm wish. They hope that students can maintain a healthy body and gratitude, master effective learning methods, make full use of various resources to study hard, broaden horizons, and develop in an all-round way.