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  • WMU Approved to Offer Undergraduate Programs in Midwifery and Basic Medical Sciences
  • According tothe “Notice of Results of the Filing and Examination of Undergraduate Programs for Regular Higher Education Institutions in 2017” recently released by the Ministry of Education ( Circular Letter No. 4 [2018], the Ministry of Education), Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) has been approved to offer a four-year undergraduate program in midwifery (Academic Discipline Code: 101102T in the category of Natural Sciences) and a five-year undergraduate program in basic medical sciences (Academic Discipline Code: 100101K in the category of Medical Sciences). Thus, WMU has also become the first university in the province to offer a bachelor degree program in basic medical sciences.

    The newly approved Midwifery Program offered by the School of Nursing at WMU aims to produce senior midwifery talents who are of all around development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetics and labor education in consistent with healthy personality. Such talents should fit China’s national conditions and the needs of health care development in China. Having theoretical knowledge of medicine, preventive health care and related humanities and social sciences, mastering the basic theory and nursing skills of nursing and midwifery, acquiring the capacity of basic clinical nursing and clinical midwifery and the preliminary ability in midwifery professional teaching, perinatal management and obstetric related scientific research, such talents with international perspective, life-long learning ability and spirit of innovation, good professional qualities and sense of responsibility should be competent for job in clinical midwifery, perinatal care as well as maternal and infant care in various medical and health care institutions.

    As an important part, the speciality of basic medical sciences (BMS) has played a pivotal role in the development of medical education and research.The Undergraduate Program in BMS offered by the School of Basic Medicine at WMU aims to produce, for Zhejiang Province, specialized talents with high comprehensive quality, broad knowledge, strong innovative spirit and a solid basic theoretical knowledge and experimental skills of basic medical sciences and modern life sciences who have strong potential for continued learning and development after reaching the level of bachelor’s degree holders in medical sciences. Such talents should be competent for teaching of BMS disciplines and biomedical research in medical science institutions, hospitals, and medical research institutions.

    In recent years, guided by the needs of society, for the purpose of serving the development of the community, our university has been actively adjusting speciality layout and optimizing discipline structure, focusing on cultivating multidisciplinary and application-oriented high-quality talents that meet the needs of regional economic, social and health care development as the fundamental task by referring to WMU’s positioning and developmental plans for its discipline and speciality building. The newly approved undergraduate programs in midwifery and basic medical sciences  which further enrich the depth and breadth of medical education at WMU will be one of the key tasks in its discipline and speciality construction and reform.