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  • Delegation of Hokuriku University Visited Wenzhou Medical University
  • On February 1, 2018, Principal of Hokuriku University Ogura Tsutomu led a delegation to visit Wenzhou Medical University(WMU)aiming to promote the education cooperation and academic exchanges between two universities. Deputy principal Cao Jianming and responsible personnel from International Affair Office, School of Foreign Languages Studies, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Renji College of WMU attended the cooperation conversation.

    Cao Jianming expounded the recent development and internationalization of WMU during the talk. He also acknowledged the achievements both side made together and noted that both parties would enjoy broader prospects for cooperation on academic fields such as Pharmacy and medical technology. Cao also highlighted the expectation to further promote the resource sharing and complementary advantages on teacher-student exchanges, scientific research and establishing a Pharmacy League. Ogura Tsutomu expressed that WMU was a significant partner of Hokuriku University in China, hoping to broaden the cooperation between two universities and make new breakthroughs. He also highly praised the exchange students from WMU in Hokuriku University and was very look forward to the future cooperation with Renji College.

    During the talk, representatives from Renji College and Hokuriku University signed an agreement on becoming friendship schools and an agreement on undergraduates co-training programs. Both parties will exploit each other’s advantages to the full and carry on substantive exchanges and cooperation.

    After the talk, principal Lu Fan had a meeting with Ogura Tsutomu as well as  his delegation and renewed the cooperation agreement.

    Hokuriku University, founded in 1975, has stood as the only well-known private comprehensive university along the coastline of the Sea of Japan and has been famous for its pharmacy. Hokuriku University and WMU have become friend schools since 2009, this friendship has lasted for 10 years. Until 2018, WMU has sent 9 groups of students with the total number of 132 to study in Hokuriku University.