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  • Guan & Wang Speak at Harvard on Kangning’s Management and Growth
  • A case to study the development and management model of Kangning affiliated Hospital with Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) was recently added in the Case Library of Harvard Business Teaching as an example for senior executives in the global business community and the medical community. On their special tour to the the United States, Chairman Guan Weili and General Manager Wang Linyue spoke face-to-face with Harvard students around the founding and general management of Kangning Hospital at Harvard University.

    The Affiliated Kangning Hospital is a “Tertiary A” level psychiatric hospital and joint-stock privately owned hospital with its Psychiatry designated as a national key clinical specialty. Since its establishment in 1998, the Hospital has set up branches in Qingtian, Pingyang, Cangnan, Yongjia, and Yueqing and other places with its Wenzhou Headquarters as the center. By the end of 2017, the Hospital has been operating and managing 20 medical institutions. Its “center + satellite” hierarchical medical system, the general management model of “taking care of psychiatric patients rather than putting them behind bars” and capital operation model have all made the Hospital a leader and pioneer among privately owned hospitals in China. This has drawn the attention of Harvard Business School’s research team for collecting business teaching cases headed by Professor William Kirby. To comprehensively describe the case of Kangning Hospital from every aspect, Professor William Kirby’s team began tracking Kangning Hospital from 2016 onwards and made field visits, during which the team interviewed dozens of people including the general manager, doctors, nurses, investors, etc. and made close observation of the Hospital’s environment, work, management and other aspects. Ultimately, two cases of A and B entitled “Wenzhou Kangning Hospital: Changing Mental Healthcare in China” were writtten, from the founding and management perspective respectively, as teaching materials for the two courses of “Business World in Modern China” and “Doing Business in China in 2025” .

    As mentioned in the Case Study, China’s mental health industry has suffererd a severe “shortage of talent” and the short supply of professionals has become a national problem. In 2016, Wenzhou Medical University and Kangning Hospital jointly established the School of Psychiatry at WMU, which is dedicated to building China’s leading psychomedical speciality and discipline to address the shortage of qualified personnel in the mental health industry at its source. In the opinion of Prof. William Kirby, the case of Kangning Hospital is of great research significance and interests for finding a road with Chinese characteristics for the successful development of privately owned hospitals in China as it has taken only 20 years for the Hospital to realize the fundamental shift from “survival” to “development” and went public in Hong Kong to further thrust its transformation and development. According to Wang Yuanzhuo, an assistant researcher at Harvard Business School, the case of Kangning Hospital is the first ever case involving a hospital in China that has been studied at Harvard. ”

    In the class, Guan Weili and Wang Liangyue exchanged views with more than 50 undergraduates and 90 MBA students about the development of Kangning Hospital and its management model. They answered with wisdom and humor questions raised by students who studied seriously the case, winning the thumbs-up of the students and teachers. Guan Weili said: “I gained a lot from the rare opportunity of visiting Harvard. I am deeply impressed by the amazingly active classroom atmosphere and positive attitude of students. ” Regarding the question of “what is the advantage Kangning Hospital enjoys for its future development”, Guan Weili said: “Talent is our advantage. Kangning Hospital and Wenzhou Medical University, through cooperation in the School of Psychiatry at WMU, will train more high-quality psychiatry professionals for the community.” As they were highly interested in the case, Harvard teachers and students went on with questions even after the class. Professor William Kirby said: “The lecture has been very fruitful and have given students a glimpse of the development of China’s excellent enterprises and the progress of mental health industry in China.”Later, Harvard Business School presented Guan Weili and Wang Liangyu with a tie and a scarve with Harvard University Logo respectively.