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  • Talent Recruitment
  • Level 1 Open to all ages

    Academicians, national special compensation plan of leading talent, "Yangtze River Scholar" distinguished professor (Lecture), national "Thousand Talents Program innovative long-term project winners, winners of national outstanding youth fund, the national young experts with outstanding contributions, the national key discipline leader, head of State Key Laboratory and the National Natural Science Fund for creative research groups of leaders, the Ministry of education innovation team leader, 973 chief scientist, National Natural Science Fund Project (SOCIAL) principals , national propaganda and cultural system group of four talent inductees, national great teachers, national Nature and Science and other well-known publications published papers. And the equivalent discipline leading talents at home and abroad

    Level 2 Age≤ 50

    1.National special support plan young talents, National Youth 1000 program selected, The Chinese Academy of Sciences "hundred people plan" selected, National Natural Science Foundation of China Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, Talents Project National candidates, "The new century excellent talent support program" selected by the Ministry of Education, "Thousands of people plan" innovation talent long-term project selected, Provincial distinguished professor, The leader of the provincial key disciplines or provincial priority, person in charge of Provincial Key Laboratory ,Provincial Social Science key research base of the person in charge ,The five batch of talent of Zhejiang propaganda and cultural system , etc.

    2.With a senior professional and technical qualifications (Professional title of overseas famous universities or research institutions), Person with deep academic attainments and having made important achievements recognized by domestic and overseas colleagues (won the provincial science and technology progress award, or in the international authoritative journal published papers, or presided over the National Natural Science Fund Projects; Humanities and Social Sciences talents won first prize of provincial excellent achievements in philosophy and social science, or having papers published in the "China social science", having essays been reprinted "Xinhua digest" or presided over the key project of the National Social Science Fund), with overseas academic leaders led the subjects reached the leading domestic and international advanced level ability.

    Level 3 Age ≤ 45

    1.Have senior professional and technical qualifications and a doctorate, presided over the national teaching or several scientific research projects or national key project 1 in recent years (foreign language etc. part of the shortage of professional talent requirements required to have presided over the provincial department or project), or second prize of the provincial science and technology progress award, second prize of provincial outstanding achievements in philosophy and social science, or having published papers in the area SCI journal (Humanities and Social Sciences personnel having published papers in domestic authoritative journals, foreign languages and other part of the shortage of professional personnel having published papers in first grade periodical), having high academic achievements and high-profile in this field, having ability and level of academic leaders with large potential for development

    2. Have PhD degree, serve as assistant professors or equivalent positions in prestigious universities or research organizations abroad, have relatively excellent innovative ability and have universally acknowledged important achievements, possess great abilities to lead the discipline to reach international advanced level.

    Level 4 Age ≤ 40

    Won third prize of provincial science and technology progress award, humanities and social sciences category of talent having presided over the national social science fund project or the third prize of provincial philosophy and social sciences outstanding achievement award;

    1.       Excellent post-doctoral fellows from overseas prestigious universities or research organizations,National hundred excellent doctoral dissertation;

    2.      Associate professors with a Ph. D or professor with a master's degree school teaching and scientific research work urgently needed.

    Level 5 Age ≤ 35

    Age is generally not more than 35 years of age excellent doctors at home and abroad.

    Compensation and Benefits

    Level Scientific   research start-up funds
        (million yuan)
        (million yuan)
    settling-in allowance  
        (million yuan)
    Rental subsidies
    Talent housing or   housing subsidies
    Medical, science, engineering Art   and human sciences
    Level1 Negotiable Negotiable Negotiable Negotiable 3000 To   provide about 150 square meters of housing or 2 million yuan purchase of   housing subsidies(Overseas   returnees for 2 million 100 thousand yuan)
    Level2 Negotiable Negotiable 30-60 20 2500 To   provide 120 square meters of housing(The more than part needs yourself to buy by the policy)or 1 million 500 thousand yuan   purchase of housing subsidies(Overseas returnees for 1 million 600 thousand yuan)
    Level3 Negotiable Negotiable 20-30 15 2000 To   provide 120 square meters of housing buyers index, or purchase subsidies 700   thousand yuan(Overseas   returnees for 800 thousand yuan)
    Level4 40-100 5-8 15-20 8 1500 To   provide 100 square meters
        About talent housing index, or purchase subsidies 500 thousand yuan(Overseas returnees for 600 thousand   yuan)
    Level5 5-8 3-4 Intermediate   wage, Deputy senior allowance 5 1500 To   provide about 90 square meters of hoursing    talent housing index, or purchase subsidies 400 thousand yuan(Overseas returnees for 500 thousand   yuan)


    1.       Level 1 to level 4 for the discipline or academic leaders, the fifth level for the ordinary teachers, the talents will be into the cause of the preparation (in addition to foreign personnel), foreign personnel uses the Task Contract System.

    2.     Families and children: According to the principle of WMU, we help to implement their spouse’s work, while they hold a full-time Master's Degree, or having senior professional titles.  If their educational background or professional title does not meet the requirement of hiring, they must prepare the form of employment arrangements for job positions, and WMU will help to solve the education of the children.

    3.     See more detailed information in “Measures of the Introduction of Talent”, Wenzhou Medical University, [2013] No.76 file

    ( URl :

    Wenzhou Medical University (Academic) leaders and the general teacher (Doctor) demand plan for 2016

    Schools and   Departments Discipline,   Professional or Research direction Number
    Academic leaders Ordinary   teachers
    School of the 1st Clinical Medical Sciences 、School of Information and Engineering clinical   medicine, biology, chemistry, pharmacy, laboratory science, computer science   and technology, software engineering, information management, Biomedical   Engineering ,computer science and technology, computer architecture, computer   hardware, management science and engineering, information management and   information system, electronic information, electronics, instrumentation,   automation, computational mathematics, applied mathematics and other related   major 90 330
    School of Ophthalmology & Optometry、The Affiliated Eye Hospital、School of Biomedical Engineering Clinical   medicine, biology, basic medicine, pharmacy, optics, biomedical engineering   and other related majors
    School of the 2st Clinical Medical   Sciences Medical   related, biomedical, pharmaceutical, basic medicine and other related   professional
    School of Basic Medical Sciences physiology,   pathology and pathophysiology,  human   anatomy and embryology, pharmacology, immunology, biochemistry and molecular   biology, bioinformatics and other related major
    School of Laboratory Science and Life Science clinical   laboratory diagnosis, clinical hematology inspection, microbiology and   medical immunology, health inspection and quarantine, health physical and   chemical testing and other related major
    School of Pharmaceutial Science clinical   pharmacology and pharmaceutical genomics and clinical drug evaluation,   pharmacy, biological materials, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology,   pharmacokinetics, basic medicine and other related major
    School of Nursing Major   in nursing, medical related major, public health specialty
    School of Psychiatry Medical   psychology, applied psycholoy, psychiatry and mental health
    School of Marxism (prepare) the   basic principle of the Marx doctrine, the Marx doctrine Chinese, China modern   history or history of the Communist Party of China, China modern news   history, medical ethics, ethics of science and technology, philosophy,   ideological and Political Education
    School of Foreign   Language Studies English   language literature (translation or Linguistics), Japanese language and   Literature
    School of International Studies Chinese and Chinese related   major
    School of Sports Science Sports   humanities, sports rehabilitation, sports training (basketball, tennis),   aerobics dance (dance sports, cheerleading dance professional)
    Genome Institute of   Medicine Major in biology,   bioinformatics and genomics
    School of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education Education,   sociology, management, psychology, statistics
    Digital Medical   Research Institute Engineering,   medicine, mechanics, mathematics, computers, weapons science and   technology
    Traditional Chinese   Medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine
    School of Public Health & Management environmental   science and engineering, hydrology, water resources and water environment,   public health and preventive medicine, nutrition and food hygiene,   epidemiology and health statistics, social medicine, psychology, applied   psychology
    School & Hospital of Stomatology Oral   medicine, oral clinical medicine, biological medicine related major
    Renji College Psychiatry   and mental health, family medicine, social medicine and health management,   medical technology related major