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  • Undergraduate   Programs (2016-2017)
    No Program School (Department)
    1 Biological   Science School of Laboratory   Medicine and Life Science
    2 Biotechnology
    3 Health   Inspection and Quarantine
    4 Medical   Laboratoy Technology
    5 Marine   Science
    6 Medical   Laboratoy
    7 Pharmacy School of Pharmacy
    8 Clinical   Pharmacy
    9 Traditional   Chinese Pharmacy
    10 Biological   Pharmacy
    11 Pharmaceutical   Engineering
    12 Nursing School of   Nursing
    13 Preventive   Medicine School of Environmental Science and Public Health
    14 Marketing
    15 Nonprofit   Management
    16 Labor   and Social Security
    17 Social   Work
    18 Environment   Science
    19 English School of Foreign Language Studies
    20 Japanese
    21 Medical Imaging The 1st Clinical Medical  College and School of Information &   Engineering
    22 Information   Management and Information System
    23 Clinical   Medicine
    24 Clinical   Medicine8years)
    25 Computer   Science and Technology
    26 Anesthesiology The 2nd Clinical Medical College
    27 Traditional   Chinese Medicine
    28 Rehabilitation   Treatment
    29 Pediatrics
    30 Clinical   Medicine
    31 Clinical   Medicine8years)
    32 Human   Movement Science
    33 Sports   Rehabitaion
    34 Ophthalmology   & Optometry School   of Ophthalmology & Optometry,School of Biomedical Engineering
    35 Ophthalmology   & Optometry8years)
    36 Biomedical   Engineering
    37 Electronics   and Information Engineering
    38 Stomatology School of   Stomatology
    39 Applied   Psychology School of Psychiatry
    40 Psychological   Medicine
    Wenzhou   Medical University offers Bachelor degrees with duration of 4 years and 5   years, whose numbers are 26 and 10, except for Clinical Medicine and   Ophthalmology & Optometry which are 8 years. All of the undergraduate   programs and the schools or departments they belonged to are listed as   follows: School of Basic   Medical Science
    Department of Social Science Education
    School of Physical Science

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